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America’s Take on Irish Food: The Best Irish Restaurant in Your Region


There is no shortage of Irish restaurants in the United States. Typically touted for their vast beer selections and their hearty food, even the pickiest eater can usually find a satisfying meal and the drink to accompany it at an Irish pub. Typically pubs have a casual, low key atmosphere, and many are known for offering live music. They’re a great gathering place for families and friends alike, for a quick bite and drink at the bar, or a fun dinner. Some even offer a Sunday brunch. While it is nearly impossible to choose the best one, here’s highly rated option for a great option in your region of the country.


Northeast: Garryowen Irish Pub

Located in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, not only is this a great Irish pub, it is also one of the top restaurants in the city itself. Touted for its excellent service and food, it is known for serving many Irish favorites, including Guinness stew, fish and chips, lamb burger, scotch egg and bangers and mash. It is Irish owned, and they certainly give it a warm and inviting feel. The mahogany bar, cozy dining room and fireplace all give it its welcoming atmosphere. They even play traditional Irish music two times a month, amongst other live music.


Southeast: Meg O’Malley’s Restaurant and Irish Pub

This Melbourne, Florida pub is known for its authentic Irish feel and excellent variety of food and drinks. They have a huge cocktail menu and plenty of options for beers and whiskeys. They are best known for their bangers and mash, colcannon, potato balls, buttered cabbage, and corned beef. The pub has a very active social calendar, with live music several times during the week and various celebrations every month.


Midwest: Frank O’Dowd’s Irish Pub

Galena, Illinois has many great options for restaurants, but when it comes to Irish food, Frank’s is the place to go. Located in The Irish Cottage Boutique Hotel, the pub’s mission statement is to provide a good pint, great music, and wonderful entertainment, and provide they do. They are known as a premier live entertainment venue and have the food to go with it. Menu highlights include their corned beef sandwich, fish and chips, freshly baked scones and their beer and ale selection. The hotel completes the experience.


Southwest: Kilkennys Irish Pub and Eatery

Revered as the best restaurant in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the charming atmosphere transports guests to old Ireland. The service is impeccable, and the beer selection alone is worth the trip to the pub. It is popular year round, and has so many Irish options on the menu that several return trips may just be necessary. A trip to Kilkennys isn’t complete without trying at least the boxty, cottage pie, corned beef, scotch eggs or their sticky toffee pudding. They’re also noted for having great portion sizes and diners typically leave as full as can be.

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West: Nine Fine Irishmen

With thousands of dining options in Las Vegas, Nevada, it’s hard to decide where to go, but this Irish pub in the New York-New York Hotel and Casino is worth the stop for those with hankering for some Irish comfort food. Noted for their colcannon, lamb stew, Irish nachos, and bangers amongst a very varied menu, they provide a great variety that suits the constantly changing crowds of Vegas. The pub was actually built in Ireland and shipped to its current location.  They boast using fresh, natural ingredients leaving patrons yearning to come back.





Class Up the Man Cave by Serving These Ten Irish Whiskey Cocktails

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Old Fashioned

Pinky’s out for this classic drink. Add two ounces Irish Whiskey, three quarters of an ounce of Benedictine liqueur, two dashes of Angostura Bitters and two dashes orange bitters to a mixing glass with ice. Stir until chilled, then pour into a rocks glass with ice and an orange slice garnish. Savor this drink with a dinner of steak and potatoes.


Jameson, Ginger and Lime

This refreshing mix is perfect on a hot afternoon of sharing manly tales. Take a shot of Jameson Irish Whiskey and pour over ice in a highball glass. Top off the glass with your favorite high quality ginger ale, stir, and garnish with wedge of lime. Cheers!

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Whiskey Sour

Often a gateway drink for newcomers to whiskey, this version doesn’t use sour mix. Dissolve a bar spoons worth of sugar into four dashes of lemon juice. Add a splash of sparkling water and a shot of whiskey. Stir and pour over ice while reflecting back to college days.


Irish Rose

While the name may not sound that manly, drinking egg whites earns you serious tough points. Take two shots Irish whiskey, three quarters of an ounce each of lemon juice and grenadine, and the white of an egg and mix them into a shaker with ice. Pour into a glass and flex your biceps repeatedly while drinking.


Irish Wolfhound

The girls don’t have to know that this drink is being consumed in the man cave. Mix an ounce each of Irish whiskey and ginger beer in a glass with ice, and add a half ounce of ruby red grapefruit juice. Take a slice of grapefruit dipped on smoked salt and drop in the concoction and enjoy before word gets out.


Jameson and Soda

For when you’re feeling kind of lazy and don’t feel like drinking your whiskey straight. Fill a glass with ice, add a shot of Jameson Irish Whiskey, and top off with soda water. That’s it. Drink up!

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Irish Espresso

This quick and easy shot looks like drinking a shot of espresso, only with a boozy kick. Stir two thirds of an ounce of Irish whiskey with a third of an ounce of coffee liqueur. Pour into a shot glass and top with thickened fresh cream. If you’re feeling a particular attention to detail, garnish with coffee beans, and then shoot it back.

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This is as manly as it can be, beer and whiskey. Fill a glass with your favorite beer, drink enough of it so there is space for a shot glass full of Irish whiskey, and drop said shot glass into the beer. Drink before committing a party foul as it fizzes over the glass.


Extra Hard Cider

This is a strong version of the standard hard cider. Pour a bottle of your favorite dry hard cider into a pint glass and add in two shots of Irish whiskey. Add in an splash of lemon juice and gently stir. This is a great drink to enjoy on a crisp fall day.

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Irish Car Bomb

This rugged drink consists of three popular Irish alcoholic beverages. Mix a half ounce of Bailey’s Irish Cream and a half ounce of Jameson Irish Whiskey in a shot glass, and fill three quarters of a pint glass with a Guinness stout. Drop the shot glass into the pint glass and drink up quickly, because if you wait too long it’ll curdle and then you’ll get some extra hair on your chest if you drink it once it has.







How Guinness is Made

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Guinness is a dry stout that originated in Ireland in 1759, and is currently brewed across the world. It is considered to be one of the most successful brands of beer in the world, as well as the oldest beers. For much of the beer’s existence, variations of stouts were all they produced, though in recent years they’ve slightly branched out on their offerings, to follow current trends and gain a wider demographic.

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The beer has a recognizable burnt flavor that is credited to the roasting process of a portion of the barley that is left unmalted. While the beer has a dark black appearance, when it is held up to the light a dark ruby color can be seen. It has a smooth, creamy head when poured that comes from the addition of nitrogen in the pouring process.

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The original beer has evolved only slightly over the years, with the ABV of the original lower than it was initially. The yeast has been the same batch for generations, and is a highly guarded addition to the beer. The process to make Guinness is much like most beers, but they have a fine set of guidelines to ensure the experience of drinking one is universal, no matter where it is consumed.


What are the ingredients in Guinness?

Like most beers, Guinness is produced by brewing together water, barley, hops, brewer’s yeast, and roast malt extract. Guinness gets its dark stout coloring and flavor from roasted barley. Because it is a stout, with a hearty rich flavor, it is often considered to be heavy, but it has similar calories as many other beers and variations the same ingredients.

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What is the process used to make the Guinness Stout?

Malt Some Barley: Using barley only grown on Irish soil, and malted right on site of the Guinness Brewery, barley is credited as the foundation of the beer. Hot water and milled malted barley are combined and mashed to extract sugars from the mixture, and the grain and liquid are separated. The remaining liquid is known as sweet wort.

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Roast Some Barley: The separate roasted barley component of the stout is created by roasting the barley at a very precise temperature of 232 degrees Celsius. It is the highest temperature possible to roast it without the barley catching on fire, and gives the beer the most flavor possible.


Add the Hops: The hops are added to the sweet wort for additional flavor and stability. The mixture is boiled for 90 minutes before being left to cool.

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Add the Yeast: Guinness has its own highly coveted strain of yeast that is added to every batch of the stout made. The yeast is so important that a reserve batch is kept safely locked up in the event something were to ever happen to the main supply. The particular yeast used in Guinness has been passed down through several generations.


Exhibit patience: After all the ingredients are combined, they must have time to mature in order for the beer to it its proper consistency and flavor.


Testing: Once the beer has properly matured, it is reading for its final round of testing.  Nitrogen is added to give it the creamy head it is known worldwide. It received a head height test to make sure each pint has the proper number of bubbles, which is roughly three million. It is also sent through the Sensory Panel, the final gate designed to ensure that no beer leaves the brewery that isn’t completely up to par.


Packaging: Once every test is passed with flying colors, the beer is finally ready to be packaged into kegs, bottles, or cans and distributed.




Irish Pub Fare to Keep Your Eyes Out For

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Guinness Fish and Chips

Fish and chips are a meal that is popular in many areas of the world, but in Ireland, Guinness can make anything better. The rich flavor of the stout is a nice complement to the battered fish and takes a fairly simple dish to another level. Many pubs use different types of beers in the batter for the fish, offering a wide range of flavors for an otherwise typical meal. Look for beer battered fish or Guinness fish on the pub menu of your favorite seafood or Irish restaurant.

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Beer Battered Fries or Onion Rings

On the same note as the fish and chips, beer battered fries or onion rings, add a twist the otherwise standard side dish. This adds an extra layer of crunch to the snack and gives it a great flavor. Many restaurants and pubs offer these in lieu of regular fries, or as an upgrade, so if you’re feeling like a little Irish influence with your meal, be sure to order the beer battered options. Some places even make their own special dipping sauces with a stout or beer.

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Irish Nachos

With nachos and fries being such a pub staple, someone had the idea of combining the two and calling them Irish Nachos. While this someone may not have had Irish origins, there certainly are several Irish influences on the dish. Fries are smothered in any combination of cheese, bacon, ham, corned beef, onions and sometimes even gravy, and broiled to create a gooey pile of deliciousness that is not to be missed.

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Corned Beef Sandwich

Corned beef is pretty commonly known as an Irish staple, but after an evening of drinking sitting down to a plate of corned beef and cabbage may not sound the most appealing. Instead look for a genuine hot corned beef sandwich, made with a thick slice of the boiled meat, rather than the thin deli slices that can be purchased at the supermarket. It is often served with a mustard and fries or chips on the side.


Scotch Egg

While technically this pub appetizer has a Scottish name, and was originated in the United Kingdom, Scotch eggs are a pretty common staple in many Irish Pubs. A hardboiled egg wrapped in sausage meat is coated in breadcrumbs and deep fried. This tasty treat can be served with a spicy mustard sauce or by itself. It is a protein packed delicacy perfect for a happy hour boost.

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Meat Pie

One meal that is sure to fill up hungry stomachs is the meat pie. There are several versions that are popular around the world, but the Irish version has round steak served in a pie form with Guinness, bacon and onions. It can also be served with diced potatoes. Some even make a variation where the filling is closer in flavor to a beef stew. Regardless of the type, this is something to enjoy.


Irish Potato Skins

Another pub favorite is potato skins. There are endless varieties of the classic, some twice baked with mashed potato filling, others smothered in cheese, bacon and sour cream, and others even with gravy on top. Look for a mashed potato option for the best Irish experience with the appetizer. Some pubs even add corned beef on top to make it a truly authentic dish. This is probably one of the most common dishes available in any restaurant that boasts a pub menu.








Move Over Corned Beef and Cabbage: Delicious Irish Meals to Serve On St. Patrick’s Day


Bangers and Mash

Bangers and mash are a simple and delicious hearty meal consisting of sausage and mashed potatoes. Though it originated in the UK, it is a common meal for the entire region. The nickname of bangers, for sausage, is said to originate during the meat shortages of World War I when a higher water content was used during sausage production, which made them pop while being cooked.



Colcannon is common companion dish for boiled ham. It consists of mashed potatoes, typically mixed with cabbage or kale, with onions and butter for an added richness. The meal is traditionally served in the fall because it’s when kale is in harvest in Ireland, but can be eaten any time of year. It is also customarily served on Halloween with a ring, thimble, or coins hidden in the dish as a prize.

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Beef and Guinness Stew

There are several variations of this warm winter favorite, but typically the stew is made with beef, carrots, often times potatoes, and is flavored with the Irish stout beer classic, Guinness. It’s very customizable to individual tastes but most people agree that adding a little more beer than the recipe calls for has never hurt the stew. This stew is hearty and delicious especially on a cold night.

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Irish Chicken and Leek Pie

This is essentially an Irish version of a Chicken Pot Pie. It’s a filling pie with a flaky crust and creaming filling consisting of chicken pieces, ham, leeks, onion and milk. The beauty of this meal is its simple ingredients combined into a one dish dinner. It is traditionally served hot, but it can be eaten cold too, when the filling has gained gelatinous consistency.

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Irish Boxty

Irish Boxty is Ireland’s take on the potato pancake. Grated and mashed potatoes are combined with flour, buttermilk, baking soda, and in some recipes, egg. The mixture is fried in a griddle in the same manner one would cook a regular pancake. It is thought the name was an Irish term meaning poor house bread, but regardless of how its name originated, it’s a meal that anyone can enjoy.

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Corned Beef Hash

For those who just can’t go a St. Patrick’s Day without their annual serving of corned beef, mix it up a little bit by having some corned beef hash instead. It’s made of chopped corned beef and potatoes, with spices and onion to taste. In the United States, it is often served for breakfast, but it can be eaten at any meal. It can be served as a meal on its own or in addition to something else.


Shepherd’s Pie

Traditionally, Shepherd’s Pie was considered to be a poor man’s meal. Leftover meat, typically beef or lamb is paired with a crust of mashed potatoes. While the two names are often interchangeable, Shepherd’s Pie is when lamb is used because shepherd’s take care of sheep, while Cottage Pie was beef. The dish is now a popular comfort food for many people, and corn is added to modern recipes.


Soda Bread

Soda Bread is a versatile bread that can be prepared as a meal accompaniment, a breakfast pastry or a dessert bread.  Instead of using yeast like most bread as a leavening agent, baking soda and buttermilk combine to add bubbles to the bread. It also isn’t kneaded like traditional bread. While the bread is made in several cultures, in Ireland the wheat used is a soft wheat, and yogurt or stout is used in place of the buttermilk.





Not Your Grandma’s Mashed Potatoes: Eight Potato Recipes Sure to Tickle Your Tongue


Potatoes, while a simple and inexpensive starch, have many standard ways they are prepared, but the opportunities are nearly endless for ways to liven them up aside from the typical fried and mashed options. There are many different types of potatoes in many different colors, from sweet potatoes, to golden russet, to red and blue and even combinations of the different colors. Adding cheese and bacon usually only makes them better. Here’s some ways you can prepare them outside of the standards.

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  1. Potato Croquettes: A potato croquette is a bite sized ball of potato covered in breadcrumbs and fried. Mashed potatoes, seasoning, egg yolks and flour are mixed together to form the filling. They’re then rolled in beaten egg followed by breadcrumbs before being pan fried to from a crunchy treat.

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  1. Loaded Potato Soup: This is an easy way to give the loaded baked potato experience to a large crowd. It combines all the same things found on a baked potato in the form of a soup. With a potato puree and cream or milk base, it has sour cream, green onion, cheddar and bacon, it is a new take on the old classic, and is nearly as easy to do.

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  1. Twice Baked Potato Casserole: This casserole is the lovechild of potato salad and a twice baked potato. It can be served either hot or cold, depending on the season and occasion. It starts with a classic baked potato, diced and is mixed together with sour cream, cheddar, bacon, green onions, and a little mayo. The mixture is baked, and then ready devouring.

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  1. German Potato Salad: German potato salad sets itself apart from other potato salads by having a vinegar sauce instead of mayonnaise. Traditionally served hot, it is just as delicious cold. With bacon and pickles, it is a great side dish at a picnic or barbecue.

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  1. Scalloped Hassleback Potatoes: This is a cheesy and delicious potato that makes a great side for a steak or chicken dish, or an entire meal for smaller appetites. Slice a whole potato into thin slices, without cutting all the way through. Between each slice add a slice of butter and pieces of parmesan with a seasoning of garlic, salt and olive oil. Bake the potato for 45 minutes before drizzling with heavy cream and top with cheddar, and bake for 10 more minutes. Yum!

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  1. Colcannon: Combining kale or cabbage into mashed potatoes is one way to ensure everyone eats their veggies! This simple dish with additions of cream and green onions is an Irish classic of two of their signature foods. This side dish can go with many different meals, sure to please those of Irish heritage and others alike.


  1. Rosemary Roasted Potatoes: These bite sized potatoes are a great side dish as a swankier alternative to fries that may taste even better. Baby Yukon gold potatoes are sliced partially at eighth inch intervals, and tossed with olive oil, salt, pepper and rosemary and roasted until tender.

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  1. Roasted Potato Leek Soup: This creamy soup is hearty but is light to the taste. Roasted potatoes and leeks are combined with lightly roasted arugula and pureed. The puree is then added to a wine and chicken stock, and cream is stirred in. It is garnished with parmesan cheese and crispy shallots. A great starter for a meal, or as it meal itself.




Sixteen of the Best Irish Drinking Songs to Liven Up Your St. Paddy’s Party


Irish drinking songs are known for telling a tale, sometimes a tall tale at that, but regardless of the story they tell, they provide the perfect music for dancing and drinking. They are usually short on metaphors, telling the story usually exactly how it happened. They get their acclaim from being catchy and upbeat, even if the stories they tell actually aren’t.


  1. The Irish Rovers: A group of sailors are setting out from Ireland delivering bricks to New York only to have tragedy strike when the ship is lost in the fog, after an outbreak of measles, the ship capsizes sparing only the singer.
  2. The Unicorn Song: The unicorn was said to have missed the boat when Noah was loading up in prep for the flood, because they were far too playful they wouldn’t take his orders, and that’s why they aren’t around to this day.
  3. Devil’s Dance Floor: When tempted by an attractive woman with a rocky upbringing, this song is about how everyone is really just a dancer on the Devil’s Dance Floor.


  1. Finnegan’s Wake: What better reason to have a gathering than to celebrate the life of a passed friend, only to find out he isn’t dead at all!
  2. The Orange and the Green: The tale of the sacrilege and tribulations of a lad born to a Protestant father and Catholic mother.
  3. Johnny Jump Up: While most Irish songs are anthems to the love of whiskey and beer, this one is about the after effects of drinking just a little too much hard cider.
  4. 7 Drunken Nights: With a constantly drunk husband, his wife turns to a lover who through the course of a week she tries to cover up by telling her husband he is too drunk to know what’s happening.

images (18)

  1. Drink and Fight: Another tale of the effects of too much drink, the singer is kicked out after coming home drunk one night too many, and drowns his sorrows with his buddies in the local bar.
  2. Drunken Sailor: This only goes to show it’s best not to get wasted when at the mercy of a rowdy bunch of crewmates, as they discuss what unscrupulous punishments they should set forth on their drunk cohort.
  3. Rocky Road to Dublin: As a young man leaves home for the first time he shares his adventures on the road as he heads to Dublin for work, only to find himself on a ship.

images (19)

  1. Beer, Beer, Beer: This song is a tribute to the delicious beverage beer and hailing it ingenious creator for bringing such joy and deliciousness to so many people
  2. All for Me Grog: Another tribute to the greatness and necessity of beer and tobacco, touting how it is such a vital part of life.
  3. The Sick Note: Originally an old folk story about a fellow who had an encounter with a barrel of bricks falling on his head, it was set to music to create this song about such an unfortunate event.
  4. Rare Old Mountain Dew: Homebrewed whiskey is one of the favorites for Irish singers, with its potency curing anything that may ail a person.
  5. Whiskey in the Jar: Another tribute to the merits of whiskey, this tale is of a robber who steals money from a military captain only to have said captain hunt him down.
  6. Drunken Lullabies: This catchy yet sad tune is about how unnecessary the Irish conflicts between the different religions really were, and how the battle didn’t need to happen.




These Ten Cocktails with Irish Cream are Sure to Liven Up Your Next Girls Night


Irish Car Bomb

This classic drink combines three of the most popular Irish alcoholic beverages. Mix a half ounce of Bailey’s Irish Cream and a half ounce of Jameson Irish Whiskey in a shot glass, and fill three quarters of a pint glass with a Guinness stout. Drop the shot glass into the pint and drink it quickly before it curdles! This is a drink for the brave.

images (21)

Blow Job

Complete a girls night with a blow job that actually tastes good. Combine a quarter ounce of Irish Cream and half ounce of amaretto liquor in a shot glass and top off with a generous portion of whipped cream.  Without using your hands, use your mouth to pick up the shot glass and heads up! If only they were all this delicious…


Wet Pussy

What’s a blowjob without a Wet Pussy? Combine an ounce of raspberry liqueur, two ounces of Irish Cream and six ounces of milk in a shaker, shake it up, pour into a glass and enjoy this grown up version of flavored milk. It even provides the nutritional value of the milk, with calcium and protein, and skim milk can be used for those who want a slightly healthier version.

maxresdefault (1)

Dirty Girl Scout

It may not be the most beautiful drink of the night, but if it tastes like a Thin Mint, then who really cares how it looks? Mix one ounce of vodka, one-ounce coffee liqueur, and one ounce Irish Cream and then pour into an ice filled glass. Pour the crème de menthe down the middle, and cheers to tales of scouting past.

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Jam Donut

This shot is a flashback to Sunday morning treats, only with fewer calories! Rim a shot glass with sugar, and then add a third of an ounce of raspberry liqueur to the bottom. Layer two thirds of an ounce of Irish Cream on top and indulge in this delicious shot.

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BBC Cocktail

Take yourself on a mini tropical getaway with this easy alternative to a daiquiri or pina colada. Mix 1 1/3 ounce of Irish Cream, two thirds of an ounce of crème de bananes, and two ounces of pina colada mix in a crushed ice filled shaker.  Pour into a glass, garnish with a sliced banana or pineapple, and hear the waves lapping at the shore.

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Bailey’s Coffee

Sometimes you need just a little caffeine boost to get the party started and this quick and easy drink will do just that. Pour a cup of hot coffee and add Bailey’s Irish Cream to taste, and you’ll be ready to go in no time. This is an easily modifiable drink that can be as strong or as weak as you’d like it… in the coffee or Irish Cream direction.

images (23)

Slippery Nipple

For a sweet treat reminiscent of a butterscotch hard candy, pour a half ounce of Irish Cream and half ounce of butterscotch schnapps into a shot glass and enjoy this easy and delicious treat. It’s definitely not your grandmother’s Werther’s Original.

images (24)

Bazooka Joe

Another cocktail that can bring you away to paradise. Combine a half ounce of Irish Cream, half ounce of Blue Curacao and half ounce banana liqueur in a shaker with ice.  Mix, pour into a glass and enjoy.


Nutty Irishman

For a savory beverage, this drink is a nice dessert option.  Add an ounce each of Irish cream, hazelnut liqueur, and cream into an ice filled shaker and mix. Pour over ice and enjoy this decadent treat.